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About ERRS

The European Radiation Research Society is a non-profit organization that aims to promote radiation research through the sharing of scientific knowledge. It is a lively scientific society with over 350 members from all over Europe and abroad.

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The research spectrum of the ERRS is broad: from space to environmental radiation, molecular and cellular radiobiology, radiation physics, radiation protection, radiation chemistry, dosimetry, dose-rate effects, radiopharmaceuticals, nuclear medicine, non-ionizing radiation, particle irradiation, radiosensitizing agents and modalities, preclinical, translational and clinical radiotherapy.


ERRS Annual Meetings

The ERRS organizes annual scientific meetings where eminent scientists present their latest research findings and accomplishments. These meetings are also tailored to enable young investigators to share their data and acquire information on fundamental aspects of radiation and novel developments in radiation research. To facilitate the attendance and participation of early-stage researchers, ERRS grants travel awards to selected applicants. The annual events are uniquely suited to generate new ideas and collaborations in the field of Radiation Research.

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