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Early Career Researchers Network

At the last ERRS General Assembly meeting on August 30, 2023, the Council announced the launch of a new initiative that brings together early-career radiation researchers within Europe.

If you are student, PhD candidate, or a Postdoc within six years of their graduation, this initiative is for you!

Photo by Pixabay at Pexels
  • Collaboration

    What is it about?

    Who can apply to be part of the ERRS Early Career Research Network (ECRN)?

    Any Student / PhD / Postdoc within 6 years of their graduation and an ERRS member can apply to be part of the ERRS ECRN.

    Why be part of this network?

    This is an excellent opportunity to broaden your network and develop your leadership and communication skills. It is also a chance for you to take part in public outreach in the radiation research field and engage with the community.
    For example, members may organise webinars, plan interactive sessions in ERRS conferences, and much more.
  • Brainstorm

    Practical information

    How will it work?

    By joining the ECRN now, you will take part in defining the structure of the group and our meeting intervals, all in close interaction with the ERRS Council.

    Send an email expressing your interest to err_secretariat[at]

    + CV
    + Brief motivation letter outlining how you would like to contribute to the ECRN.


    Applications will be reviewed and approved by ERRS council


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